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Internet Casino Tournaments – Play Casino Game Tournaments Internet casinos are constantly coming up with new and inventive ways to promote their site, reward their players and keep existing members coming back for more. One of the most popular online casino promotions are casino tournaments. Instead of just playing your favorite casino games for real money, you can pit your skills against other members of the online casino for bigger, better prizes. Casino tournaments can be held in just about every game type. The most common casino tournaments are slots tournaments, but other typical casino tournaments are held in blackjack, video poker and other games. Casino tournaments are generally hosted in one of two ways – as pay-to-play tourneys, or freeroll tourneys. Everyone loves a good freeroll, with no risk factor involved, but these often pay in comp points rather than cash.

When you find a good cash freeroll, hit it! Pay-to-play casino tournaments are generally more popular because they are so readily available on a daily and weekly basis. Daily casino tournaments have lower buy-ins of maybe $1, $2 or $3. The payout will be based on the number of entries, combining all buy-ins into one prize pool. Weekly tournaments may have a larger buy-in of $5 to $10 on average. The prize pools are often managed in the same manner. In some cases, a casino tournament will carry a guaranteed prize pool, meaning that no matter how many players enter, the guaranteed prize will be the minimum prize pool. If more than enough players enter to cover the guarantee, the prize will actually be higher. Being the most frequently offered casino tournaments, we’ll focus mostly on the ins and outs of slots tournaments, blackjack tournaments and video poker tournaments. Slots Tournaments Slots are the most common casino tournaments of all, due to their extreme popularity, as well as the universal abundance of online slots compared to other game types. Most online casinos will select a few of the more popular online slots to involve in each slots tournament.

This gives the participants a choice of which slots they wish to play. Be sure to check the list of available slots for the tournament before getting started. It is not necessarily how much you win playing a slots tournament that determines your ranking. It is combination of wagers placed, total wager amounts and total winnings. A player who hits a 50x win on the first spin can stop right there, and they might still be on the leaderboard at the end of the tournament, but it is more likely that a player who continued spinning the reels throughout the tournament, and ended with a 3x profit, is going to take the bigger prize. Blackjack Tournaments Blackjack is the most beloved casino game of all time. As such, blackjack tournaments always draw a nice size crowd at online casinos. Since the introduction of the Ultimate Blackjack tour (UTB) several years back, blackjack tournaments are now most often held as elimination events. Every time the specified time limit is up, the player at each table with the lowest chip stack is eliminated. This continues until there is one player at each table. These players then consolidate to fewer tables and so on until a final winner emerges victorious. Video Poker Tournaments Video poker tournaments are held in the same manner as slots tournaments. One or more video poker games are selected by the online casino. Players then work their way up the leaderboards by placing wagers and collecting wins. The players with the highest bets/total wagers/wins ratio will share in the prize pool.